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C'est à l'initiative de "Blue Prawn" que Alan Knowles a accepté de partager ses photos avec nous. Merci à eux !
186 contributions en deça de ce point :

  • bettys_cremetoriam
    Site visit to bettys cremetoriam 2003 - nearly finished
  • budha_in_lantau
    Sightseeing in hong kong, the giant budha in lantau Having lived in hong kong for over 7 years, I'd never visited the giant gold...
  • egypt_1
    Wandering around the pyramids it was hot! we just about survived (this was august - 34 degrees+), and enjoyed the pool afterward...
  • egypt_2
  • egypt_3
  • egypt_4
    The early shots are of tutun karmun's slippers, a few of his couches, i think. Well, that's enough of those mummy's, - yes we d...
  • egypt_5
    After a day at the museum, we went of to see the famous light show - as seen on one of the old james bond movies - I dont think ...
  • egypt_6
    We took a horse draw carriage around the pyramids, (one of the shots is of the pyramids at dawn from our hotel room) one bit of ...
  • home_fields
    Scenes from home - few shots of fields and interesting buildings in stevenage old town.
  • london_millenium_wheel
    We drove through london, then bristol, and got to see the mileneum wheel. It was pretty busy even on a day when visiablitity wa...
  • misc
  • mothers_day
    Mothers day at the gold cost hotel and beach (tuen mun)
  • nile_cruise
    We decided to take a lunch buffet on the nile - not that much to see, -
  • st-tropez
    In here, not much of st tropez, mostly the hotel, went in to the town center - interesting place, The french lingerie shot, call...
  • stanley_market
    An evening at Stanley Market

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